CrazyBulk NO2-Max Review

CrazyBulk NO2-Max Review

Nitric Oxide: The Secret To Extra Energy and Increased Lean Muscle Mass?

If you’re looking to build serious lean muscle mass, then chances are you’ve heard all about nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide works to relax and widen the body’s blood vessels, giving a much greater volume of blood, nutrients and oxygen a direct route to your muscles.

When you’re working out, this means greater strength and stamina and less fatigue, enabling you to take your workouts to the next level – as well as faster, more efficient recovery.

Sounds like the perfect muscle building companion, right?

NO2-Max by Crazy Bulk is a premium nitric oxide booster claiming to take your nitric oxide levels to the next level.

Ready for:

  • Mind-blowing muscle pump
  • Huge strength and size gains
  • Explosive workouts
  • Better energy and endurance
  • Great athletic performance
  • Faster recovery

Then read on…

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What’s In NO2-Max’s Formula?

The formula is fully disclosed by the manufacturer here – and couldn’t be simpler.

Cray Bulk NO2-Max contains just:

  • L-arginine (1,800mg)
  • Calcium (80mg)

Directions For Use

Take two tablets each day with water, one with breakfast and one with your evening meal.

The manufacturer recommends taking NO2-Max for a minimum of two months for best results, alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet.

User Reviews

Unlike other Crazy Bulk products, there isn’t a lot of reviews available for this supplement unfortunately.

The ones we can find are positive though, citing huge increases in energy that allow people to work out at a much higher intensity than usual, as well as for much longer.

Inevitably this results in strong gains in terms of strength and size.

We’re looking forward to seeing more user testimonials emerge around this product, and will keep this page updated when we do.

Reported Side Effects

This supplement seems to be free from any unpleasant side effects, luckily.

Where To Buy CrazyBulk NO2-Max

Go to the manufacturer’s website and you can pick up a one-month supply of NO2-Max for $82.95, including free shipping across Australia.

Oh, and if you buy two Crazy Bulk products, you’ll receive the third free.

Cashback Guarantee?

A bit of bad news here – the manufacturer doesn’t operate any kind of money-back protection to cover you simply if you’re not happy for this product…

It will however issue refunds on any unused bottles returned within 14 days ..

Our Thoughts

The Use of Nitric oxide enhancers to boost energy and ultimately muscle growth is very popular and effective…

Crazybulk’s product is one of the best out there… quite simply if you want to boost energy and your results, then NO2-Max is the one for you..

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