CrazyBulk Testo-Max Review

 CrazyBulk Testo-Max Review

Boosting Your T levels: Does CrazyBulk Have The Answer?

It’s common knowledge that testosterone is the key to building up (and keeping!) lean muscle mass, but it’s almost impossible to know which T-boosting supplement is right for you in such an over-saturated market.

As a reputable supplement manufacturer, we thought we’d take a look at CrazyBulk’s Testo-Max to see how it delivers.

Harnessing the potent herbal extract tribulus terrestris to help boost the body’s levels of lutenizing hormone, Testo-Max works to help support the body’s natural testosterone creation process, promising to leave you with explosive strength, intense workouts, huge muscle gains and super speedy recovery times.

But can the key ingredient of tribulus terrestris really help you unlock your body’s full potential? We take a look at the cold, hard facts.

Testo-Max’s Formula

Openess is key when it comes to evaluating supplement manufacturers – and their products – and we’re pleased to say that CrazyBulk ticks all the boxes on this front.

Testo-Max’s formula is fully disclosed – here’s what you’re looking at (amounts per serve):

  • D-aspartic acid (1500mg)
  • Tribulus terrestris (225mg)
  • Panax ginseng (187.5mg)
  • Fenugreek extract (150mg)

Directions For Use

The instructions couldn’t be clearer here – take three capsules with water 45 minutes before you work out.

Crazy Bulk recommends taking Testo-Max for two months, followed by a week and a half break.

User Reviews

Like lots of similar CrazyBulk products, feedback is  positive from people who have tried Testo-Max.

We’ve come across some great reports of solid lean muscle mass gain, increased strength and stamina, the ability to do much more in the gym (especially when it comes to lifting) and effective, sustained fat loss.

But the benefits seem to go beyond the gym, too – many users report experiencing stronger, harder and longer-lasting erections when using Testo-Max, alongside huge improvements in sex drive.

Reported Side Effects

We haven’t managed to track down any reports of negative or unpleasant side effects.

Where To Buy Testo-Max In Australia

We recommend going straight to to pick up this supplement.

Here you can get your hands on a one-month supply of Testo-Max for $82.95, and there’s usually some kind of promotion going on if you’re serious about your muscle building endeavours and are looking to stack Crazy Bulk’s products.

Currently there is a site wide “buy 2 get 3” offer which means you can make some serious savings across the whole range of products. –

This is great news, especially when you consider that Testo-Max stacks well with most other products in the range

Cashback Guarantee?

We’ve finally come across some not-so positive news:

CrazyBulk only accepts returns on unopened items within 14 days, so if you try Testo-Max and find that it doesn’t work for you, there’s no chance of a refund. Sorry!

Our Thoughts

There is no doubting the fact that Testo-Max will help boost your T-levels and assist in increasing muscle gains, but is it the the most effective T-booster out there?

In our opinion the answer is sadly not… while it has some great Testosterone Boosting ingredients including D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and Fenugreek, its ingredient Tribulus Terrestris has sadly failed in every single clinical trial to directly help provide a boost in Testosterone, it can however, help boost energy to a point and will certainly improve a sluggish libido, but as a muscle booster, it doesnt really work..

The amount of DAA found in each serving is also lower than our top rated products, so overall, we have come to the decision that Testo-Max is probably suited to someone trying their first T-booster, but anybody more experienced will probably find it lacking in potency.

You Can Buy Testo-Max Directly From The Crazybulk Official Website

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