Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

Is Hydroxycut A Safe Choice?

If you’re into your fitness and muscle building, you might have come across Hydroxycut on your research journey. Why? Because this diet pill specialist saw its entire range withdrawn from the market back in 2009 by the FDA following a discovery that the principal ingredient in its range, hydroxcitric acid, had been linked to heart and live issues.

Today Hydroxycut is back with a stack of new formulas, and a four-in-one thermogenic that claims to cut fat without any fuss.

Hardcore Elite is Hydroxycut’s flagship product, and is scientifically formulated to help men just like you achieve:

  • Fast, visible weight loss
  • Next-level thermogenesis
  • Unparalleled energy Levels
  • Focus enhancement

Let’s see if it makes the grade…

The Formula

Everything’s fully disclosed here – here’s what you’ll find in Hardcore Elite’s formula*:

  • Green coffee extract (200mg)
  • L-theanine (10mg)
  • Coleus extract (100mg)
  • Caffeine (270mg)
  • Yohimbe extract (56.3mg)
  • Cocoa extract (100mg)

(*Amounts per serve)

How to Take Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

The manufacturer recommends gradually increasing your dosage as you go to test your tolerance to any side effects. It’s suggested you take Hardcore Elite as follows:

Day 1-2:      1 capsule

Days 3-4:    2 capsules

Days 5+:     2 capsules, one before breakfast and one before lunch

This helps the body to get accustomed to the product

User Feedback

Unsurprisingly the manufacturer’s website is full of glowing reviews with claims of amazing fat loss and increased energy, power and strength. Dig a little deeper, however, and other review sites highlight poor results and underwhelmed users, along with numerous reports of horrible side effects. More on that below…

Reported Side Effects

There’s a big black mark on Hardcore Elite’s scorecard on this front.

There are a number of negative and unpleasant side effects linked with this product, including increase heart rate, shakes, paranoia, bloody stools, nausea, anxiety, stomach cramps, flu-like symptoms, sweats and sickness.

Where To Buy Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite In Australia

You have plenty of options here – you can grab Hardcore Elite at reputable retailers including Muscle and Strength, Bodybuilding[dot]com, Amazon and GNC.

In terms of price, these retailers vary from $25 for a 25-day supply at maximum strength right up to $60.

Cashback Guarantee?

While the manufacturer doesn’t appear to offer a money-back guarantee, numerous independent suppliers have cashback guarantees of their own, so all’s not lost.

Our Thoughts

We can’t find any reason to doubt that Hardcore Elite should see decent returns in terms of cutting down the fat given the amount of known fat burners and potent stimulants like caffeine, green coffee and coleus involved.

We’re pretty concerned, however, about the inclusion of yohimbe. While this has been proven to be an effective fat burner in clinical trials, it’s banned in many countries side the US and appears on the FDA’s dangerous ingredients list of the fact that its linked to a stack of negative side effects including anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, feelings of fear, irregular heart rate and loss of brain functioning.

Based on this fact, along with the sheer volume of adverse side effects reported by users, we simply cannot recommend Hardcore Elite to any of our readers.

In its place can we recommend Instant Knockout as a first class alternative.. it uses a safe and clinically proven formula, has a fantastic reputation globally, and also offers all buyers a 90 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a refund if are taking as directed, you are unhappy with the results….

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