Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review Australia

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review Australia

Instant Knockout – The Best Fat Burner In Australia??

Instant Knockout is in our opinion the most exciting fat burner released in recent times… specifically formulated for men who workout, it is however just as suitable for women and in fact anybody who wants to lose unwanted body fat.

Developed by UK based Roar Ambition, it is readily available throughout Australia, and as its name suggests, its ready to deliver a knockout blow to excess body fat…

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Whats In Instant Knockout

Ingredients are king in any supplement, and Instant Knockout does not disappoint on any level.. the makers fully disclose all the ingredients and how much of each component is in every serving..

Instant Knockout is a clever combination of essential fat burning stimulants, vitamins and minerals that work to boost energy, health and performance…

Every Serving includes:

  • Vitamin B12 10mcg
  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • Chromium 100mcg
  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
  • Cayenne Powder 100mg
  • Glucomannan 1800mg
  • Caffeine 300mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 10mg
  • Green Coffee 100mg

How To Take Instant Knockout

The directions are quite simple… take 4 capsules day, ideally as follows:

  1. First thing in the morning
  2. Just before lunch
  3. Mid afternoon
  4. Just before evening meal

The makers do suggest that women or in fact anybody who has an intolerance to stimulants should start at half dose (2 per day) and build slowly to assess their tolerance

How Does Instant Knockout Work

Instant Knockout delivers a four pronged attack on unwanted body fat:

Speeds Fat Loss – Instant Knockout is formulated to help induce thermogenesis – a natural increase in the bodies metabolism that in turn speeds the natural fat burning processes..

Lowers Your Appetite –  The formula contains a special dietary fibre called glucomannan, this provides a pleasant feeling of fullness that basically tricks you body into thinking it is fuller for longer, stopping the need for snacks and in turn reducing calorie intake

Maintaining Energy Levels – The essential mix of vitamins and minerals in Instant Knockout help to keep energy levels high for longer, this means that you can exercise for longer, and burn more fat..

Looks After Your Body – The mix of 100% natural ingredients are all safe with no recorded side effects.. to quote the manufacturers…. “If you want to feel and look great, you have to look after your own natural biology”…

Users Feedback

There is an overwhelming amount of positive user reviews, all report good things with increased energy levels, better results from working out and the crucial bit – Impressive fat loss… We personally received this review from one of our readers – Joseph from Perth…

“This product is simply amazing. The bottle is sexy and the pills are awesome. It’s probably the most amazing product I have ever tried. I have been using IKO for 5 month running now. 

The amazing thing is that I didn’t feel any side effects from IKO. Usually these types of products do weird stuff. But IKO is just amazing. It helped me burn a hell of a lot of fat. I went from weighing 130 kgs down to 105 kgs . No doubt my eating plan helped quite a lot but IKO did the xtra stuff. It proved great during workouts. It seems u can go on and on without ever stopping. It gives you extra energy and you really notice it. Taking it as IKO suggests, you will certainly feel the great effect of the product. I definitely recommend it for melting fat off and having an extra energy boost all along the day. Thumbs up IKO. I am loving it  

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no report of any adverse effects from users of Instant Knockout… As we said above, anybody with an intolerance to stimulants could feel a bit jittery after taking the product, but if this does occur, simply reduce the dose to level that suits.. basically if you can drink a strong cup of coffee, you should be fine with Instant Knockout ….

Where To Buy Instant Knockout In Australia

Buying Instant Knockout is secure and simple, orders should be placed direct with themanufacturers at instant… Orders are shipped direct from local distribution hubs..

Prices start at AU$75.00 for a full months supply, there are some larger packages that provide great value for money..

As Our Recommended Best Buy, we recommend the 3 month package..for  AU$225.00 you get 3 bottles PLUS a 4th bottle FREE, and complimentary worldwide shipping

Cash Back Guarantee

Instant Knockout is sold with a full 90 day cash back guarantee…..

Final Thoughts

“Is Instant Knockout The Best Fat Burner In Australia?”

Our straight answer is – (in our opinion) without any doubt YES!! With a very cleverly thought out and scientifically developed formula that contains just the right balance of natural stimulants alongside other proven fat burning, appetite suppression ingredients, the makers have got the balance just right and have delivered a natural and safe product that helps you keep fit, well and energised while helping you to burn that unwanted body fat..

The 90 day cash back guarantee is the longest in the industry, and simply highlights both the makers belief in their product alongside their desire for complete customer satisfaction..

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