Sheer Thermo Fat Burner Review 

Sheer Thermo Fat Burner Review 

Sheer Thermo: style over substance?

There’s no denying that the fat burner and supplement world is full of overblown claims and fancy marketing. If you’ve only done even the slightest bit of research, you’ll have seen it for yourself! But surely not everything can be ‘exclusive’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘market leading’, can it?

Sheer Thermo by Sheer Strength labs is another product who’s good at playing the claim. This one promises to be ‘the most potent and effective thermogenic fat burner available anywhere,’ claiming to turbocharge fat loss, boost focus, support overall brain cognition, fight cravings and support the metabolism. Phew!

Let’s go beyond the marketing and see if Sheer Thermo delivers in reality…

What’s In Sheer Thermo’s Formula?

Everything is fully disclosed by the manufacturer here – there’s no hiding behind mystery proprietary blends or, worse still, no information at all!

Forskolin (500mg) – supports fast, effective fat burning and supports a healthy metabolism.

Green Tea catechins (300mg) – combats stubborn belly fat and helps eliminate food cravings.

Bacopa Monnieri (200mg) – supports improved focus and concentration.

5-HTP (150mg) – ups serotonin production to help control cravings and hunger pangs.

Hordenine (25mg) – helps the maintenance of stable adrenaline levels.

Caffeine (200mg) – improves alertness and supports strong brain functioning.

Yohimbine (10mg) – raises the body’s adrenaline levels and supports a high sex drive.

How to Take Sheer Thermo

There are clear dosage instructions here, which is a good sign.

Take one capsule in the morning and a second with lunch. If you experience any adverse reaction to the stimulants, try just one capsule per day.

Never take Sheer Thermo within six hours of going to bed.

User Feedback

There’s good news here – Sheer Thermo is backed up by some solid user reviews.

There are repeated reports of people experiencing strong energy bursts that power intense workouts, along with increased focus and powerful appetite suppression. Many of these users have experience impressive, visible fat loss, and are super happy with the supplement.

It’s worth mentioning however that a number of these people have been giving the product for free to complete these reviews, which undermines them quite a bit.

What’s more, there’s negative feedback too – a handful of users say they saw no results at all from using Sheer Thermo, and say that the product is useless and a rip-off.

Reported Side Effects

News isn’t any better on this front – we’ve tracked down numerous reports of nausea, constipation, stomach pain, dizziness, restlessness, jitters and sleeplessness. And this seems to be just the beginning, unfortunately.

Where To Buy Sheer Thermo Fat Burner

It looks like you have two choices here – you can either buy Sheer Thermo directly from the manufacturer at Sheer strengthlabs, or you can head to good old Amazon

Sheer Thermo costs between $24.97 and the RRP of $49.95 for 60 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantee?

According to the manufacturer, if you’re not impressed with your first bottle of Sheer Thermo you’re entitled to a full refund. There are no details of any terms and conditions attached to this, though.

Our Thoughts

There’s a major warning sign for us here – the inclusion of yohimbine. This ingredient is on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list and is banned in many countries due to its associated with numerous dangerous side effects. We’d recommend avoid any supplement containing this ingredient at all costs.

What’s more, Sheer Thermo is heavily reliant on stimulants, meaning it’s likely that some users will experience sleeping problems, fatigue, jitters and even crashes.

For us these are two negatives we can’t overlook – For that reason its not one that we can recommend..

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