Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Review

Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped Review

Does Ultra Ripped = Getting Ultra-Ripped?

Looking to get ultra-ripped? Well we might have just the solution for you.

Formulated by Ultimate Nutrition, Ultra Ripped is a natural fat burner that claims to turbocharge the body’s natural fat burning process and deliver a powerful energy boost to put extra force behind your workouts. Ultra Ripped also claims to stimulate the body’s beta-3 receptors, which increase the rate at which our fat is released from reserves to be burnt as energy.

The science certainly seems legit – let’s see if the formula and user reviews back it up.

The Formula In Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped

We’re pleased to share that the manufacturers are really transparent with the Ultra Ripped formula, quantities and all. Here’s what you’re looking at per serve:

  • Chromium (100mcg)
  • Garcinia cambogia (1,200mg)
  • Bitter orange (133mg)
  • Caffeine (27mg)

There’s one exception – the proprietary blend, totalling 277mg, doesn’t disclose its amount of:

  • Guarana
  • Green tea extract
  • White willow

Directions For Use

Take two capsules per day with 8oz of water – take one an hour before breakfast and another an hour before lunch.

On days that you’re working out, take an extra serving 30 minutes before hitting the gym for an energy boost.

Don’t take Ultra Ripped within five hours of going to sleep, as your sleep may be disrupted.

User Feedback

Unfortunately, despite the science, user testimonials are somewhat lacking in terms of real results. While it’s clear that the stimulants offer an energy boost to many people, a vast majority of reviewers claim there are much more powerful, more effective products out there. This is especially true given the price, which many people say is a bit high.

One area that does seem to have seen good results is hunger pangs – many testimonials claim Ultra Ripped does a great job at supressing the appetite and keeping hunger pangs at bay.

A number of users, however, express concern at the inclusion of bitter orange, given that it lacks testing and isn’t known to be free from the dangers of the product it claims to mimic, ephedra.

Reported Side Effects

A number of people say they’ve experienced extreme sweating, loose bowels and insomnia as a result of using Ultra Ripped.

Where To Buy Ultra Ripped In Australia

You can find this fat burner at a number of online suppliers as well as directly from the manufacturer. A bottle of 180 capsules will set you back around $39.95

Cashback Guarantee?

Bit of a red flag here – there are no guarantees offered with this product

Our Thoughts

To be honest, we can’t really see past the inclusion of bitter orange here, as it has yet to proven that it is free from the side effects linked to ephedra like irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and, in the worse cases, death.

Given that this ingredient remains under studied, we simply can’t condone purchasing any product containing bitter orange.

There are far better, and safer products out there..

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