The Effects Of Testosterone

Testosterone is the single most important hormone in a man’s body.. an Androgen by nature it is responsible for many aspects of our health and general well being Its effects are the key to what makes a man a man…. it controls many functions and numerous aspects of his development… the main areas of its effects include the growth of muscles, strength, fertility and sexual development….


But That’s Not All.. 

Its effects also include the regulation and distribution of body fat, hair growth, moods and sleep quality…. it reaches its peak through the man’s teenage years and into his twenties and then gradually reduces by around 1-2% a year as he reaches 30 and beyond..

Testosterone is produced in the leidig cells in the testes… they then distribute the hormone throughout the body.

Women have it too… its produced in their ovaries but to a much lesser degree than men

The Use Of Testosterone Treatments testosterone_man

Testosterone treatments are commonly used by sportsmen and bodybuilders to help them boost their muscle mass, tone and strength, the best types to use are naturally formulated –

There are those who use synthetic or drug based anabolic steroids to provide them with massive gains from their workouts, and although these type of treatments can provide amazing results quickly, they do come with some very unpleasant and potentially dangerous risks to health..

More About The Dangers Of Anabolic Steroids

The media has also been full of reports of men who have suffered health issues after being prescribed drug based testosterone treatments…. in the US there have been numerous lawsuits filed by users that claim that the drug based testosterone treatments caused them to have strokes and heart attacks..

Why Choose A Natural Testosterone Booster

The_Effects_Of_Testosterone___Testosterone_Boosters_USANatural Testosterone Boosters do not put synthetic or foreign testosterone into your body, instead they provide essential nutrients and vitamins that help to encourage your body to increase the natural production of its own natural hormone…

something that has been proven to effectively help boost:

  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Libido
  • Moods and Sleep Quality

We have reviewed many of the natural Testosterone Boosters available to buy here in Australia, and from our in depth research have compiled our list of those that we believe offer men just like you the best by way of results, clinically approved formulas, customer service, guarantees and of course price.

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